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Spotify Car Thing officially launched (initially US only)

The information was last Yes accumulated again, Now it happened quickly: Spotify car thing is official. However, the device for the car was initially only available in the United States. The official retail price there is $ 79.99. However, SpotFi car delivers Monday to an indefinite period. You read it correctly: you only pay 99 6.99 shipping costs.

As a reminder: Car Thing is a device that is connected to the cigarette lighter in the car and aims to provide quick access to the content of the streaming provider. So it can be integrated with the dashboard. Physical rotary control is intended to facilitate operation, but voice control is also possible. Using car matter According to the official website Spotify premium required. Car Monday can be used with smartphones from Apple iOS 14 or Android 8.

Car Thing comes with a touchscreen display, so you can switch between songs with a swipe. The four preset buttons above guide you to your favorite artists, playlists, podcasts or radio stations. But they can be re-appointed. You can also do z with rotary control. B. Switch between songs or switch between playlists.

It remains to be seen when the Spotify car thing will come to Germany. In the United States, you can put yourself on a list to catch a copy. All technical data can be found here. Car Thing is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. If you can connect your smartphone to your car today, it will in principle work with Spotify car content via USB, Bluetooth or Ax. Let’s see if Spotify gives itself a shock and brings the device to the international market. Are you interested in the car thing?

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