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Spring Meteorology – Is This The Last Snowfall?  – Atmosphere

Spring Meteorology – Is This The Last Snowfall? – Atmosphere


On Friday there was snow in places down to the lowlands and also on Saturday night it would be white here and there. After that, there is no new snow looming at the moment. When does it usually snow for the last time?

At the beginning of next week, specifically on the first of March, it is the beginning of the meteorological season. There is also a lot of sunshine. However, the weather will remain wintry until Saturday morning and snow showers may fall in places in the lowlands. Is the snow streak likely to be this low for the last time this year? Statistically not necessarily. On average, the last snow falls only at very low altitudes, such as in Geneva in early February. Otherwise, in the lowlands, there is usually snow for the last time in March.

Since the weather is known to be chaotic, it could also be different. After all, in 3 out of 10 years it snows in Bern or Zurich in April. In Arosa, there was even another snowfall in June. Only in the middle of summer does it hardly snow. It should be noted that these statistics are purely historical and may not ideally cover the current warmer Swiss climate.

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