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Square Enix developers love doing Final Fantasy 6 remakes

Square Enix developers love doing Final Fantasy 6 remakes

In order to implement Final Fantasy 6 Remake, the developers will have to overcome some hurdles due to pixel graphics.

Square Enix Currently working hard on Final Fantasy 7 to be reissued at the same time Final Fantasy 16 launch. There are even rumors about a remake Final Fantasy 9. So there is a lot of Final Fantasy to come. But Square Enix employees have bigger plans, according to the vice president and CEO Yoshinori Kitase Developers want that too Final Fantasy 6 Redesign.

“I think remaking FF6 is going to be difficult,” Kitas said in one. Round table interview On the Square Enix YouTube channel. “The FF7 remake isn’t out yet, so I can’t think of it yet… But for FF6, there are a lot of fans in the company and they often ask me ‘When are we going to do Part VI?'” “”

Not only is FF7 Remake still going, but it will also be released in three parts. We can still look forward to Revive when the next game comes out. In addition, the team has just released a remastered version of The essence of the crisis Released for current platforms. Insiders also claim that FF9 will also be released alongside a remastered version tactics new. As such, it will likely be a long time before a FF6 remake becomes a reality.

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Regarding the difficulties with remaking FF6, the creators of Final Fantasy have made it clear Hironobu Sakaguchithat the team would have to change the story because of the pixelated graphics. He added that the transition from pixel graphics to computer graphics would be very difficult. Despite these challenges, he ends up asking Kitase not to delay the game any further.

It is not yet clear if there will be a remake. And with the release of Final Fantasy 16, we’ve received enough new material from the hit universe that we can also look forward to Final Fantasy Rebirth.