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St. Pölten-Admira-Admira is number one in the country thanks to the derby win

St. Pölten-Admira-Admira is number one in the country thanks to the derby win

St. Pölten – Admira 0:3. SKN coach Filip Semlic changed things up after the 3-7 defeat to Vienna: changing the system away from the three-man series to 4-2-3-1 and a number of players who were not in Hohe Warte starting from the team's eleven.

Tadic with the first chance of the match

The in-form Admira relied on the familiar, looked more settled in the early stages and had more play. However, St. Pölten still had the first chance: after a long ball up, the lone striker Dario Tadic scored with a header and brilliantly won the ball back with his heel from left winger Gerhard Dombaksi. Tadic then did almost everything right, taking over immediately, but missed the far corner.

Ramsiebner's strange own goal

In the next action, Admira scored a rather harmless touch from Georg Teigl, which did not cause any problems for SKN goalkeeper Felix Gschussmann. And then the game completely collapsed. There was a distress call shortly before half-time and it was remarkable: Albin Gashi sent a corner kick into midfield, where the SKN defense captain had already leaned on Admira's Martin Rasner, but the supposed advantage turned into a disadvantage. Ramsiebner lost his balance and headed the ball into his own net – a strange move.

Mujanovic makes it 2-0

After the break, Admira's team played in their controlled style for a long time – with clarity and patience. SKN's completely canceled attack was not to be revived with a triple substitution after the hour. Conversely, the Admirans got the ball after a deep SKN throw-in in St. Pölten's half, and Salko Mujanovic hit a corner kick from 20 meters – 0:2.

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Davies with bad luck

The Südstadt team leadership was long overdue. Especially when substitute George Davies hit the inside crossbar in the 72nd minute. St. Pölten had a chance to score after a brave attack from Rio Nitta in the 79th minute, but the Japanese shot down the very middle and was blocked by the powerful Admira goalkeeper Joseph Oluwayemi.

Restanik puts the cover on him

How fragile SKN's structure currently is became clear after a minute. Ramsiebner was the last to allow Filip Ristanjic to steal the ball, the Admira winger moving towards the SKN goal and sending the ball into the short corner to make it 0-3.

Admira is the new number one in the country

After 3:7 in Vienna, St. Pölten's next humiliation was certain. Admira deservedly won the derby and surpassed SKN in the table. Südstädter is now the new number one in Lower Austria.


S k n sh. Bolten – FC FLYERALARM ADMIRA 0:3 (0:1).

Target sequence: 0:1 (44th place) Ramsiebner (own goal), 0:2 (67th place) Mujanovic, 0:3 (80th place) Ristanic.

Yellow cards: Tadic (11, foul), Stendera (74, foul).

St. Pölten: Gesheshtman. Keiblinger, Bauer, Ramsebner, Salamon;, Neumayer (70. Wisak), Stendera; Parlov (Nita 61), Notz (61 Monziallo), Dombaksi (81 Tartarotti); Tadek (61 Gschweidel).

Admira: Oluyemi. Kekkeisen, Forsager, Lukasz Malesic; Tegel (Davies 62), Rasner, Al-Mkhentir (Morgas 80), Andersson (Buczka 80); Ristanic (89. Vainer), Mujanovic, Gashi (62. Galli).

NV Arena, 2,275 spectators, SR Semler.