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Star Fox: Insider: Cult celebrates its return on Switch 2

Star Fox: Insider: Cult celebrates its return on Switch 2

Star Fox was once one of the biggest, most important, and best game series on Nintendo platforms – and if you usually believe an insider, the franchise is now celebrating its big return on Switch 2!

According to a new rumour, the popular and successful Star Fox game series may finally be getting a new installment. Accordingly, Nintendo could launch a new Star Fox game on the Switch 2, which should be introduced and released this year.

The Star Fox series dates back to the Super NES era, with the first part of the series offering a great-looking graphical treatment that was also compelling in terms of gameplay. As a result, there were many successors on Nintendo consoles and heroes such as Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi became the most prominent characters in Nintendo Cosmos, who also appeared in Super Smash Bros., for example.

Star Fox 64 hit another high point on the Nintendo 64 and Star Fox Zero was recently released on Wii U – but that was in 2016, so that was several years ago. There has been no new Star Fox game on the current Switch. But now the tide may be starting to turn, at least According to the famous Nintendo leaker Zippo.

This leaker is considered to be well-connected and often hits the mark with his predictions and information; However, Zippo wasn't always right, so there's still a residual risk that this rumor won't come true in the end.

But if we assume the best, and it really turns out as Zippo claims, the new Star Fox will likely appear within the next 12 months. Nintendo itself is also said to be working on the game – which would be something new, as the Japanese last did in 1997 with Star Fox 64.

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According to Zippo, the new game will be a sequel to a previous Star Fox game and not a reboot. And: the online multiplayer portion should take up a large part of the new game. The game is scheduled to release on the new Switch 2 and could be an early system seller for new hardware. However, Zippo did not want to rule out the possibility that it could be a cross-generational title and might be released for the current Switch.

Nintendo last registered a new trademark for Star Fox in Brazil in December, and there appear to be some Star Fox references in the Nintendo Switch Sports source code, which seems to confirm the new speculation. However, this is not a guarantee that a new Star Fox is already on the way and could appear relatively soon. But we can always have hope! We will of course keep you updated on the latest developments.

Star Fox Zero – Trailer Launch

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