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Star Wars: Outlaws: Signs of an imminent release continue to grow

Star Wars: Outlaws: Signs of an imminent release continue to grow

Ubisoft's promising open-world action game Star Wars: Outlaws could be released very soon. The signs corresponding to this continue to grow.

Is the promising sci-fi game Star Wars: Outlaws coming sooner than many players expected? As early as February, Ubisoft's statements in an annual report indicated that the open-world game would be released at least in 2024. Under the rumours, the first half of 2024 is often mentioned as a potential release period – and that might actually work out.

There's reason to believe that Star Wars: Outlaws has been age-rated in South Korea. As a rule, titles are submitted to the responsible authorities for publication relatively quickly – this is particularly true in the context of Ubisoft and South Korea.

again Twitter– respectively XAs user Jorraptor pointed out, the game has now been given an age rating by the South Korean ratings board after Ubisoft submitted Star Wars: Outlaws for certification. History shows that publication can occur very early in the year.

In the case of previous Ubisoft titles, there were 80 days between certification in South Korea and the release of the full version in question in the case of Assassin's Creed: Mirage. Developer Massive Entertainment had previously released The Division 2 there – and at the time there were 63 days between age rating and release. If you also include titles from competing companies, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can be used as an example. This title did appear 109 days after the age certificate – but only because it was postponed again at short notice.

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In short: age rating in South Korea is often accompanied by a later release two to three months later – and Star Wars: Outlaws could actually be available at the end of May or June, just as the rumor mill has already said. There's no official confirmation of this yet, but if it does happen, Ubisoft should provide more clarity relatively soon and begin larger marketing campaigns. We'll keep you updated on that, of course!

Star Wars: Outlaws – NVIDIA DLSS 3, Ray Tracing & Reflex Trailer

Good news for PC gamers using NVIDIA cards: Ubisoft's new Star Wars game already features NVIDIA DLSS 3, Ray Tracing, and Reflex at launch, and will also be available via the cloud on GeForce NOW from launch.