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Starfield: This is how a spacewalk is done.

Starfield: This is how a spacewalk is done.

Yes, “spacewalking” is possible in Starfield. And it somehow works thanks to the console command.


Starfield, the latest role-playing game from Bethesda, captivated players with its gigantic galaxy and exciting adventures. But there’s one thing many fans missed: Leave your spaceship in space. This wasn’t possible before, but some resourceful players have found a way that allows you to leave your ship in infinite space and experience the beauty of space up close. It works that simple Space walk in StarfieldWhen playing on PC.

This discovery was made by Reddit user “WeirdConcern4666” and… Starfield sub divider. A Bethesda fan has discovered how to overcome the limitations of a spaceship to float freely in space. However, he used a trick – use console commands.

PC players can leave the spaceship in Starfield!

Specifically, the Starfield player used commands “player.setpos x 10” And “Set Gravity Scale 0”While inside his spaceship. This allowed it to move in space and even stand on nearby asteroids. It will also be possible to take off the spacesuit, although staying in the cold and hostile space will not last long. When the game behaves “correctly”.

So you can actually get out of your ship and into space!!
byu/WeirdConcern4666 inStarfield

This discovery has opened up exciting future possibilities. Although it’s just a trick that players can currently use using console commands, these abilities could be officially implemented in future DLC or updates. Imagine being able to leave your ship to secretly board enemy ships or repair external damage to your spaceship from the outside. The possibilities are interesting and could deepen your Starfield experience even further. The modding community will be happy!

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