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STARGAZER – Life will never be the same

STARGAZER – Life will never be the same

At the end of 2019, STARGAZER was about to kick off with their album “The Sky Is The Limit”, when all touring activities were halted in 2020 for known reasons. But the guys from Norway did not give up and worked hard on their next album, which will finally be released with the song “Life Will Never Be The Same”.

Norway and Melody Rock – Wasn’t There Something? Anyone who loves the uplifting musical tunes of Scandi Millerrock and STARGAZER should also love this imitation.

While the last disc was more white-heavy, “Life Will Never Be The Same” is in the direction of the Ronnie Letekro men.

“Can You Conceive It” is a perfect opener, fast and driving, instantly complementing the excellent production and the great vocals of Tore Andre Helgimo makes a positive impression.

The main beat of “Live My Dream” could have come from the best DOKKEN discs of the glorious 80’s, before it’s followed by a rather slow chorus.

The six-minute “Rock The Sky” slows things down a bit, but it’s a bit too long for me to keep the suspense going all the way.

With “Live Today” the band’s quieter traits come to the fore, a nice semi-acoustic number just in time, before “Don’t Kill” develops plenty of pressure again and busts out with a catchy chorus.

The beginning of “Will I Come To Heaven” is reminiscent of “Lick It Up” from KISS, but then develops into a groovy number with a thump-like chorus with a dash of 1987’s WHITESNAKE.

The second, longer track “Heartbroken” has a slight touch of blues, and the vocals here are also CL-worthy.

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“Turn Off The Lights” is the best of Scandinavian rock apart from its usual borderline monotony.

In “Beyond the Moon” guitarist William Ernestsen can show what he’s got. Reminds me of Gary Moore’s glorious hard rock times.

The album’s second single is titled “Take Me Home” and offers excellent polyphonic choral vocals. Great thing.

The lousy “Push Me” is meant as a bouncer, but to me it’s the weakest song on the album.

After the last album (reviewed here) got 3.5 points and the new album outperformed its predecessor, Life Will Never Be the Same easily gets four.