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Start the “Live With HAE” podcast

Start the “Live With HAE” podcast

Real stories from sufferers and lots of interesting facts about rare disease Hereditary Angioedema (HAE) with TV Presenter Birgit Lichterman (picture)

Berlin (OTS) The new podcast provides interesting and emotional information about living with the rare disease “hereditary angioedema” (HAE for short). Well-known TV presenter Birgit Lichterman is interviewing those affected and experts in ten episodes. By doing so, she learns real stories about life with illness and explains medical facts in an easily digestible way to her listeners. The start date is May 16, 2021 – International HAE Day. You can listen to the bi-monthly contributions on Plus all the popular podcast platforms.

Patients with HAE are sometimes significantly restricted in their quality of life by symptoms of the disease – frequent skin swelling and severe abdominal pain. Getting a correct diagnosis and effective treatment often takes many years. But a lot has happened in recent years to those affected. There are now many good treatment options that allow patients to lead an almost normal life.

“As it really is…”: real stories from the affected people and the experts

However, life with this rare disease can always be a challenge for patients themselves and also for their families and friends. In the new podcast “Living with HAE”, these affected people set the tone and, along with the experts, provide real insight into their lives with the rare disease. Under the motto “How is it really …”, the audience learns they deserve knowledge about the pathway to diagnosis, offerings of support, treatment goals, disease control and how patients can regain their quality of life. There is also valuable advice on the topics of partnership, family, career, travel, entertainment, and sports.

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Searching for evidence with Birgit Lichtermann

“The stories need to be heard so that other affected people can be helped as well,” says TV presenter Birgit Lichterman, who manages all contributions to the podcast. She is known to many people as “Biggie” from the show “1, 2 or 3” and has dealt with health issues for many years. In a conversation for a TV report on the topic of rare diseases, she met a patient from HAE, and it was from him that the idea for the audio series was born. In Episode 1, “The Path to a Self-Defining Family Life with HAE,” she searches for clues with a patient, and with it, that she cuts the journey to successful treatment.

The Living With HAE podcast is a new service from Takeda that broadens the company’s commitment to education, research, and development of new treatments for rare diseases. The podcast is part of a comprehensive service program that includes, in addition to approved treatments, websites for affected and specialist groups, a treatment support app, a Facebook and Instagram channel, and other medical material for patients on HAE.

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