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Starting numbers for the Lauberhorn pedigree in Wengen

Starting numbers for the Lauberhorn pedigree in Wengen

Classic time in the Ski World Cup! The men compete in the Lauberhorn races in Wengen this weekend. The highlight awaits on Saturday – going down. Race start at 12:30 p.m. Live tape >>>

The main focus is on Beat Feuz. The Swiss announced his retirement before Christmas and will run his last home race in Wengen. The big favorites are Alexander Aamodt Kelde (N) and Super-G winner Marco Odermatt (Switzerland). Domestic hopes depend primarily on last year’s winner Vincent Krechmayer.

The most important starting numbers

Romed Bowman (Nour) will open the race.

The top candidates got low numbers in the drawing. Alexander Amodt Kilde is the first in the first group with number 6 at the start. Immediately after the Norwegian, Marco Odermatt reached his first Downhill World Cup victory.

The first Austrian to start is Daniel Heimetsberger with number 10. The most emotional moment of the race follows next with number 11: Feuz, a three-time Wengen winner, drives his last home race.

After him, Vincent Krechmayer is ÖSV’s biggest hope. The upper Austrian has already won the Lauberhorn twice. All winners >>>

Otmar Striedinger is the No. 13 starter.

After strong training performances and Super-G success, Marco Schwartz decided to compete in the downhill as No. 31.

Stefan Babinski (42), Julian Schutter (49) and Andreas Bloer (54) have big numbers.

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