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Starting point: Coach Madeleineer tied Steyer against Juniors Upper Austria - Second Division

Starting point: Coach Madeleineer tied Steyer against Juniors Upper Austria – Second Division

On the fifth match day met in Admiral 2. League The SK Steyr striker on it FC Juniors OÖ. It was a lively and varied encounter that lacked only objectives. There were opportunities for that. At first it was Steyr, then at the end of the match the guests were supposed to score at least one goal. So the score stayed 0-0, a point that coach Daniel Madeliner will likely be partly satisfied with on his debut. But in the best company of the German Bundesliga, which was relegated to the first division, St. Polten holds just one point after five games.


(He came and saw and Steyr scores! On his debut off the bench, “Player of the Century” Daniel Madeliner managed to score a point)

Steyr increased the chances

After four consecutive defeats, new coach Madeline decided to award Steyer the first points on his debut. The question that arises is how far Juniors play Oo. The host is very committed to this issue. There is a clear effort to finally get rid of zero. In the 17th minute, Herzi shooters almost took the lead. But guard Steyr Turner can successfully interfere with Weixelbraun’s chance. The Upper Austria derby swings back and forth. On the counterattack, Martic hits a ball just over the goal. Then it was the turn of the guests again. Defender Dombaxi can save against a desperately needed Weixelbraun. The meeting keeps what was promised in advance. A tie is not an option for both sides, here it should be a three-point. At the end of the first half, Steyer increased the number of hits again – but the result of the first half was 0-0.

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(There were a lot of exciting scenes in the penalty area like this one at the OÖ Derby in front of 1,420 spectators)

Juniors Upper Austria with striking aluminum

The home team played very cheerful attacking football in the first division. The drawback was that the playing equipment did not want to find its way over the goal line. What can I do now in the second round? The boss is very present in the game even after the reboot. It seems that serious work awaits the guests, if you want to reserve at least one meter. LASK BRANCH throws everything into the pan to survive this derby unscathed. When the game turns towards the last third, the guests are more active again. 74th minute: goalkeeper Turner saves Sulemanovic’s shot for a short time. Then Greger puts the throwback on the crossbar. This was the best chance to achieve 0-1. Even in the last quarter of an hour you can keep yourself harmless there and there – the bottom line: 0:0. In the next round, Steyr will be a guest at GAK on Friday, August 27 at 8:25 p.m. Meet the Juniors of Upper Austria It’s 6:30 p.m. at home in Blau-Weiß Linz.


Kammerhofer-Arena, 1420 viewers, SR: Dieter Muckenhammer (OÖ)

Steyr striker: Turner, Pasic, Sarsevich (66. Liger), Sahank, Prada, Dombacy, Martic, Gonzalez Paz, Fischer, Filip (66. de Bilic), Uplinger (70. Serkovic / 84. Marek)

Juniors ou: Polster, Philipsky (46. Kerkez), Würdinger, Wallquist, Valencia (57. Sulzner), Haas, Oh (81. Kapsamer), Sulejmanovic, Weixelbraun (80. Mandl), Griger, Michlmayr (57. Plojer)

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yellow cards: Sahanek, Dombaxi bzw. Weixelbraun, Philipsky and Kerkez

Strongest players: Pasic or Dombaxi or Fordinger, Sulimanovic

Game sound:

thus …

2nd Admiral Division live tape

Photographic credit: Harald Dostal

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