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State of emergency extended in Myanmar –

State of emergency extended in Myanmar –

Myanmar's military regime has again extended the state of emergency for six months. Shortly before the anniversary of the coup, the National Security and Defense Council voted in favor of the extension, the military-controlled radio reported today. Since taking power three years ago, the army has repeatedly extended the state of emergency.

Shortly before the extension was announced, the regime sent signals aimed at easing regulatory rules for political parties. The junta said the membership threshold for recognition as a party and the percentage of municipalities in which it must be active had been reduced.

The reason for the change is still unclear

The reason for the change was not clear. Western countries that have imposed sanctions on the military have already indicated that they will not recognize the elections.

Citing unexplained electoral irregularities, the military seized power on February 1, 2021, abruptly ending a decade of democracy and temporary reforms, just months after the landslide election victory of the National League for People's Democracy, led by Aung San. Suu Kyi. The actual head of government was imprisoned.

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