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Statement: US travel poses a problem

Statement: US travel poses a problem

There are always complaints about the heavy workload and tight schedule in professional soccer. So, FC Barcelona’s decision to travel to America just before Christmas was well received by the players. But the Catalans want to appease the team with money.

On Wednesday, December 20, FC Barcelona will play their last La Liga game of the year at home against Almeria. After all, it wasn’t Christmas vacation for Robert Lewandowski and co., because, like, game Barca will reportedly play another friendly a day later – in America!

According to the report, the Catalans have agreed to a friendly against Club America on December 21 at 8pm local time in Dallas – just 25 hours (taking into account the time difference) after the game against Almeria. If the year-end physical strain isn’t already enough, you have to consider that there are a total of 28 hours on the plane. All this pocketed the trip to Barcelona for four million euros.

When the players learned about the appointment, they said loudly gameWe immediately contacted the board and head coach Savi to express their displeasure. The Catalans then resorted to a tried and tested method: financial compensation.

As the report shows, each player will receive a bonus of 100,000 euros if they accept the trip without complaint and present themselves in public with a good face about foul play. Or to put it another way: Barça stars get signing bonuses and cash at the same time.

The trip was particularly grueling as FC Barcelona upset the Spanish association when Xavi tore his cruciate ligament in a European Championship qualifier against Georgia. According to the Catalans, there was no reason to use the youngster who was ultimately an insignificant game.

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The fact that Barça, of all places, are now increasing their squad load at the end of the year, shortening an already short winter break even further, undoubtedly exhibits a certain level of absurdity.

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