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Statistics: Census surveys begin Monday – information is mandatory

Census surveys start on Monday – information is mandatory

Items for the 2022 census are housed at the German Post Office in Offenburg in logistic containers. Photo: Philip von Dettfurth / D

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Next week another census will start in Germany. Citizens who are asked must answer the questions honestly. Otherwise there is a risk of fines.

Shortly before the start of the census, the Federal Statistical Office again indicated that required citizens should answer.

“All persons who have been asked to provide information in the census are obligated to provide the information honestly and completely and within the deadlines set by the survey agencies,” the authority said Friday in Wiesbaden. For the first time in eleven years, there will be a census in Germany starting next Monday. More than 30 million people were surveyed nationwide.

Anyone who does not answer with the information will be reminded and asked for the information again. “If defendants do not comply with their obligation to provide information even after being reminded several times, fines or penalties may be imposed,” the Federal Office said. The amount is determined by the federal states.

Online answers are mostly possible

According to the Federal Bureau, some questions should only be clarified in short interviews. Most of them can be answered online. There are also paper questionnaires. The information will be used anonymously. Surveys must be completed by mid-August. The deadline for data collection is next Sunday (15 May).

There are two types of surveys: one on people and one on buildings and apartments. About 10.3 million people were randomly selected to provide information about their name, gender, marital status and nationality, among other things. According to the authority, about three-quarters of people are also asked other questions, for example about school qualifications or work. Nearly 300,000 people living in dormitories and shared accommodation have also been registered.

In addition, nearly all 23 million dwelling owners or management are required to provide information on their apartments and apartment buildings. For the first time, net cold rent, duration and reason for vacancy as well as energy source for heating are also queried.


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