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Stay away from this popular brand

Stay away from this popular brand

No matter whether it’s red, white or black – the different types of quinoa are all healthy and especially impressive due to their high percentage of quinoa. Vegetable protein. In addition, there is a lot of it in quinoa iron (8 mg per 100 grams), zinc, magnesium and manganese. You will also strengthen yourself with regular consumption Gluten-free food Your nerves, bones, and heart health. Pseudograins can also help you lose weight: get 100 grams of quinoa About 350 calories.

butQuinoa is not necessarily one of the cheapest foods in the supermarket. Many products are expensive – and have long transportation routes. Oats and buckwheat Out of place Local agriculture They are considered good alternatives and achieve the same good values ​​in terms of protein and mineral content.

What well-known brand of quinoa contains one? Limit pesticides It exceeds and therefore fails the environmental test, read now!

In the video: 5 reasons you should eat more quinoa

Many healthy eating fans swear by quinoa and consider the pseudo-grain a true superfood. Find out in the video why you should incorporate more quinoa into your diet!

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