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Steam Beta Update: Overlay has been revamped with new features

Steam Beta Update: Overlay has been revamped with new features

The Steam client provides an overlay menu for direct access to features such as friend lists and in-game chat. Anyone who participates in the Steam beta test program will now see a comprehensively revised version of the overlay, which also contains new functionality.

The new Steam Overlay screen

As the screenshots show, there is, among other things, a “toolbar” that is displayed either as icons at the bottom edge of the screen or as a vertically named menu. This allows you to quickly switch between the submenus listed below:

  • Game overview
  • Achievements
  • notes (notes)
  • guides
  • discussions
  • Additional content (DLC)
  • steamworkshop
  • screenshots
  • friends
  • Internet browser
  • Soundtrack player
  • Controller settings
  • settings (overlay)

The game overview provides information about the last game such as time played, recent achievements or news, and clues about the title. The “Notes” section is completely new, which allows you to simply make your own notes about the game, which are stored in the cloud and therefore also available when you log into another computer.

New note function
New Note function (Photo: Valve)

The required overlay classes can be shown or hidden individually, and the position and size of windows can be adjusted. If you have enough screen space, you can even view all categories at once. There is also the option to install a window so that the overlay is on top even when viewing the game.

Overview of the new game
Overview of the new game (Photo: Valve)
In-game transparent overlays (notes here)
In-game transparent overlays (notes here) (Image: Valve)

The transparency of the overlay window can be set so that it is not too annoying when playing. In-game overlay view is available for notes, guides, discussions, and web browsers. Valve points out that a movie can be watched during the game.

More innovations

Apart from the innovations in the overlay menu, the screenshot management has been revised. In addition, the notification buttons (top right) have been redesigned in the Steam client.

Revised notifications
Reworded notifications (Photo: Valve)
New screenshot management
New screenshot management (Image: Valve)

It has not yet been announced when the changes will be implemented in the regular version of the Steam client. If you want to try it now, you should Participate in the beta program. in the Steam forum Comments on innovations can also be submitted.

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