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Steven Spielberg working on Bullitt

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02/28/2022 – 3:00 pm

Steven Spielberg is developing a new movie based on Frank Bullitt’s character.

Deadline reports that the legendary director is set to lead a new original story centered around Frank Bullitt, the character played by Steve McQueen in the 1968 film.

Spielberg will produce the film with Kristi McCusco-Krieger, while Josh Singer is ready to write the screenplay. Insiders insist that this won’t be a reproduction of the original click, but rather a new idea that revolves around the character. In the original film, Frank Bullitt is a no-nonsense San Francisco cop who is looking for a gang leader who murdered his witness. The project is one of McQueen’s most famous roles and presents one of the most famous car chases in film history. Steve’s son Chad and granddaughter Molly McQueen are set to lead the cast of the new project. Spielberg is currently finalizing post-production on The Fabelmans, which is scheduled for release in November. Plot details are still being worked out at this time, but the film is described as a semi-autobiographical project based on Spielberg’s time in Arizona.

Source: BANG Media International

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