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Strack Zimmermann leads the Liberals in the EU election campaign

Strack Zimmermann leads the Liberals in the EU election campaign

She has been a member of the German Bundestag since the German federal elections in 2017 and has been chairman of the Defense Committee there since 2021.

The Liberals announced at their party conference on Wednesday that they are the last of the five parties in the EU Parliament to enter the June election with top candidates. Brussels Identify their best candidates.

The Liberals are running on their common platform “Renew Europe now” And a triple. German defense expert for the Free Democratic Party Mary Agnes Strack Zimmerman Moves with the renewal of the leader of the parliamentary group Valerie Heyer And Secretary General of EDP Sandro Gozzi In the election campaign.

Strack-Zimmermann is a member of the FDP Presidium and the FDP Federal Executive Council. Since German Federal elections 2017 She is a member of the German Bundestag and has been chairman of the Defense Committee since 2021.

As the candidate of the largest party in the trio ALDEShe is also likely to be the candidate for the presidency of the Commission.

French MEP Valérie Heyer was only there in January after the change Stefan Sigurnis He was elected to the French government as the new leader of the RENEW parliamentary group. Haier has been a member of the European Union Parliament since 2019.

Italian Sandro Gozzi ran on the French Ennahdha list in the 2019 European elections. The lawyer was previously the Italian Minister of State for European Affairs from 2012 to 2018.

Brandstätter from NEOS welcomes this choice

The Liberal Renewal Group is currently the third largest political force in the European Parliament. It actually consists of three parties, including the Grand Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), the French Renaissance Party, and the European Democratic Party (EDP).

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Austria's NEOS belongs to ALDE. Your top candidate Helmut Brandstätter The European Union is visiting Brussels with a four-person delegation and welcomed the elections in a statement Abba:

“Mary Agnes Strack-Zimmermann is an experienced and respected expert on security and defense in Europe. Today we also discussed with the Liberal candidates the reforms we need to address in the EU in order to become better.”