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Strange Messages: Aliens Can Make Stars Blink - Tip

Strange Messages: Aliens Can Make Stars Blink – Tip

The longer you look at the night sky, the more stars seem to flicker. The flash could be communication between alien life forms – a kind of Morse code between aliens. Terry Rudolph, a physicist and professor of quantum physics at Imperial College London, describes this theory in a recent edition. study.

If you leave out the very complex physics, the principle of potential connection seems very simple: you are manipulating the smallest particles of light (photons) on the star. If the isotope – the so-called entangled photon – is on another star, it behaves in exactly the same way. It doesn’t matter how far the two particles are from each other.

Messages can be sent through space at incredible speeds at distances of light years using photons.

From Earth, we would only perceive this type of target photon manipulation when stars flash. Professor Rudolph wrote: “If we look at the stars and only see thermal radiation, we conclude that the universe is empty.” “But maybe the universe somewhere in this radiation is full of space chatter.”

Even if the theory is correct, the content of space conversations will be hidden from us.

The reason: As with well-encrypted messages, space communications will be drowned out by atmospheric background noise. And even if you can filter it, it won’t be decoded yet.

How can we tell if the spatial communication theory is correct?

“The only way to test this hypothesis is to wait for them to fall (the aliens, editor’s note) and let us know what is true,” the physicist said.

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The theory seems a bit out of the blue or out of the blue, but it’s not entirely illogical. Because: Quantum computers should operate on the same principle. Professor Terry Rudolph is also conducting research on her.

Additionally, researchers have been trying to capture extraterrestrial signals for decades. Radio telescopes were built for this purpose in the mid-2000s. Harvard Professor. Avi Loeb is also convinced that extraterrestrial life must exist.

His theory: If aliens communicate by radiation, we will realize this only from the fact that they are not randomly scattered in space. Instead, it will attract attention because it will be collected like a jet shower of water in the ocean.