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Street Fighter 6 comes with open world elements

Street Fighter 6 comes with open world elements

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Sony has in his own playing condition Playing for the first time from new Street Fighter 6 shown. In addition to the well-known patterns, for the first time there should also be an open world with an extension Single player mode Give.

who – which beat them It stays true to its colorful look. The flat, sterile logo that fans have been so critical of after the February announcement has been heavily revised and is at least a bit back to the original.

Old friends and new styles

Chun Lee, Luke, and Ryo Of course it should not be missing. new dancer Jimmywho before the attack takes a large dose first and then”Luminous Diving Kick (Drunk +1)“Implement.

Next to arcade modeto me Local and online multiplayer and the exercise There must also beImmersive single player story mode“Give. Here you must move through an open world where you can search for battles.

Comprehensive game design

In addition, there is new in the battles driving indicator. If it is full, you can 5 new mechanics to implement: Sway, dodge, dash, reverse, and speed art. Depending on your choice, you can perform powerful attacks, block automatically, or counterattack. These elements can be combined and should enable new tactical and creative ways to play.

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In order to make the traditional fighting game more comprehensive and available to new players, both new and optional Modern control type introduced. Instead of complicated key combinations, special movements can then be made by simply pressing the button.

Real-time comments

Another new feature already known from sports: Real-time comments. Featuring the voices of actual live commentators from Fighting community game Matches should become more lively.

It should be the game 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S And the personal computer He appears.