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Street Fighter 6 reveals four new characters and many new details • JPGAMES.DE

Street Fighter 6 reveals four new characters and many new details • JPGAMES.DE

During today’s Capcom Tokyo Game Show, Capcom has a number of new ideas and details Street Fighter 6 Given. You can see the entire program German translation on YouTube Also look later.

For Street Fighter 6, Capcom introduced four new characters and a new Extreme Battle Mode. It also revealed details about the World Tour and Battle Hub game mode, as well as the upcoming closed beta.

The four new characters are all returning characters: Ken, Blanca, Dalcim and E Honda. The new Extreme Battle Mode is part of the Fighting Ground and aims to make matches of unconventional standards even more exciting.

These fast and fierce battles are defined by new rules and tricks that make every match an enjoyable experience for everyone. The rules set out the requirements for opponents to win, and tricks add a dash of entertainment with items like a raging bull that occasionally interrupts the match.

Two other commentators were also submitted for real-time commenting: Kosuke Hiraiwa (commentator) and HE Demon Kakka (co-commentator). Kosuke Hiraiwa is a famous athlete. Kaka Demon is the lead singer of the Japanese metal band Seikima-II.

The aforementioned closed beta testing will take place from October 7 to October 10, 2022 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Steam – with cross-play. Here you can experience Ranked Match, Casual Match, Open Championship, Intense Battle, Game Center and Training Mode.

You can get more details from official site Removal.

Japanese trailer:

Artwork: Street Fighter 6, Capcom