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Studies explore new types of gelsen –

Studies explore new types of gelsen –


Two Gilsen studies are currently underway in Carinthia to document the distribution of new Gilsen species. They can transmit serious diseases. Experts predict a strong summer for Gilsen because the current wet weather supports its growth.

From a meteorological point of view, summer has already begun, but the weather is still in April mode. The current wet weather is an ideal breeding ground for Gilsen and is therefore the ideal time for the two Gilsen studies currently underway and in charge of Christian Wieser, Head of the Department of Zoology at the State Museum. It is implemented in cooperation with the Medical Directorate and AGES in Vienna.

“On the one hand, eggs and clutches of foreign gelatinous materials are collected and examined genetically. This makes it possible to draw conclusions about different species. On the other hand, live animals, that is, live animals, are caught using live traps and genetically examined for West Nile virus.” .

Rising temperatures make exotic animals feel at home

Previous studies have shown that the Asian jungle mosquito is present throughout Carinthia. “The tiger mosquito needs something warmer. Although it is discovered every year in Carinthia, these are mosquitoes brought back from vacation, for example.

The biologist is convinced that if the temperature rises by a degree or two, the tiger mosquito will settle, too. It indicates serious consequences. “The jungle mosquito can transmit, among other things, Zika virus or dengue fever. Tiger mosquitoes carry, among other things, West Nile virus and other viruses that can cause meningitis in humans.

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Stagnant water is a perfect breeding ground for jellyfish

The question is not if these species will spread in this country, but when, says Fizer: “You have to at least know what is happening in the country.”

It's important to make people aware that anyone can do something against the gilsen plague, because every paint, every rain barrel, and every dish full of water is a perfect breeding ground for gilsen, warns Feser.