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Study proves: re-salting is dangerous!

Study proves: re-salting is dangerous!

People in Austria in particular like to add salt to their meals – but this increases the risk of diseases, such as stomach cancer (Image: Istock by Getty Images).

An exciting result of a health study: Excessive salt intake increases the risk of stomach cancer.

Health is the salt in our life's soup – but you shouldn't add too much salt! This was the result of a long-term study conducted by MedUni Vienna, which analyzed data from more than 470,000 adults. This revealed what is already known in Asian countries where foods containing a lot of salt are highly disliked: high consumption of these spices increases the risk of stomach cancer!

In fifth place

In the course of the research, it was found that people who said they always or often added salt to their food were 39% more likely to develop stomach cancer during a monitoring period of about 11 years compared to those who never or rarely added salt. This type of tumor is ranked fifth in the world: the elderly are still more at risk, but the latest data show an alarming increase in the number of people under 50 years of age. Other causes of this include alcohol, tobacco and obesity.

Robert SommerRobert Sommer

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