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Sturm Ilzer coach after 0:1 against LASK: "It was clear that they were the team with better chances and hardly allowed anything" - Bundesliga

Sturm Ilzer coach after 0:1 against LASK: “It was clear that they were the team with better chances and hardly allowed anything” – Bundesliga

Best game between SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz against Lask He finished 0:1 in front of 12,500 spectators at the Merkur Arena in Graz-Liebenau. The golden goal for Linz, unbeaten and the leader in the standings (13 points), was scored by Keito Nakamura of Japan in the 65th minute with a shot from 17 meters. the most important statement From both camps of worship clubs for the Saturday evening match for the fifth day of the match Admiral of the Bundesliga follower of Sky Sports Austria. See also the league portal match report.

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz – LASK 0:1 (0:0)
Referee: Walter Altmann/Tirol

“I was expecting more pepper on the pitch for such a big match”

Christian Elzer (Coach Sturm Graz) on…

defeat: “A totally needless defeat. It’s very annoying, today we deserved at least one point. Obviously we were the team with the best chances and didn’t allow anything except for Goiginger’s half chance and Nakamura’s finish. But we have to blame ourselves for the defeat. We have to. We take responsibility for the goal.

From that point of view, we didn’t have the energy to win a match like this. But obviously we were the team with the best chances, we barely conceded anything, but it was a typical match against a team that had a run. LASK has been very effective today. We didn’t have the energy in the end to come out as winners.”

…The Few chances: “In the first half it was basically a tactical game. Then we created good chances for ourselves, but we didn’t solve them in terms of football as much as we had imagined. The last accuracy of the pass and the score was missing. There would have been a lot of chances like that if we had been. We won in the end.

We didn’t do that today. Then we also had a rip-off team as competitors. In the end they did it too routinely and delayed the match. We didn’t get back into the game and didn’t get any rhythm.”

…for him Feelings during the game: “Maybe I was on fire because I missed it in the match. For such a big match I was expecting more pepper on the pitch. The players have to make it through and build more tension. We didn’t work out that day and we have to learn from that ASAP so we don’t lose Any other points.

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‘Exceptional football player’

Dietmar Koebauer (LASK coach) on…

…The Nakamura contract extension: “He is incredibly secure on the ball and has incredibly good dribbling. He sees his teammates and is always on the move, so it is often very difficult for the opposing team to neutralize him. I am very happy with the extension.”

…The Many: “It was a very intense match. Our aim was to continue to be top of the table after the match and we succeeded. I also think it was a well deserved success.”

…if it was The most beautiful intense victory: “There is always emotion in the best games. That is why these victories are so great, but they are only 3 points.”

What was critical today: “In the first half we had more chances if we played the ball better. We weren’t in the game anymore. Sturm was visually superior there, but without big chances. We were more active in the second half and Nakamura scored in a good time. Keito is a really exceptional footballer.” “.

Keito Nakamura: “I think the Japanese culture is different. In Rapid I had another player who did not hit the ground running. I perform better with Keito, or rather he is well integrated into the team and is an exceptional footballer.”

Positive development in LASK: “It’s a shot. But we’ve had very strong opponents in the past and we’ve often won with merit.”

Nakamura: “It was a great goal”

Top scorer Keito Nakamura (LASK) scored…

His goal to win: “I am very happy to score in front of our fans. It was a great goal. I am really happy.”

the game: “It was a very difficult match. We didn’t have a lot of chances and had to take them. All in one, a good game.”

Robert Zollge (LASK) in …

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the game: “We knew we were going to have a very emotional match today. It was not a great performance from us, but we still defended well over the 90 minutes and finally we faced a one-on-one situation where Keto scored a great goal and we won the game here. We are very happy with that.”

“A great goal”

…The Team spirit: “Everyone puts their ego on the back burner. Everyone is willing to work with the team, even if they don’t work that way up front. We don’t leave our heads hanging, we just keep going. These are all strengths of our team and we want to keep them that way.”

His eleventh start: “Of course I was happy that I was able to play again from the start in the Bundesliga-“

…The Nakamura Gate: “A great goal, I can only confirm that. He has been good in the situation and you know he is in a good mood at the moment. He is a good player and I hope he continues.”

Mood in the club: “You just have to look at our fans cheering. In the dressing room, things are really starting to work. We are all very happy, but we also have to keep our cool and see that we keep interfering with gas week every week. We have to put those virtues back in place. Hence I am sure we will play better matches in the future.”

When the season starts, Didi is a serial criminal.

Anders Herzog (Sky Expert) on…

…The Lask: “He rewarded her for her unforgiving effectiveness. They did a very good job defensively. Graz was superior in terms of chances, although they weren’t great chances either, so Linz seemed very stable defensively. Then they won the match on attack without The effect is a great goal from Nakamura. That’s a certain quality in the big game if you don’t do too much offensively but are stable in defense so that not too much happens to you. It gives the team some safety.”

Dietmar Koebauer: “When the season starts, Didi is a serial criminal. I don’t know if Diddy has a magic potion in his boys’ training camp. 5 games, 4 wins and a draw – that’s for sure. But it wasn’t easy for Didi either. He came to Linz as Rapid coach Former and perhaps not a crowd favorite either. But he showed that he could be successful with the people of Linz with his way of working and his business philosophy.”

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