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Styrian researchers support AI regulations –

Styrian researchers support AI regulations –


After difficult negotiations between member states, the EU agreed to more stringent requirements for “high-risk” applications, such as critical infrastructure or security authorities. Also welcomed steps in AI research in Styria.

Texts that write themselves as if by magic, hyper-realistic images that are generated in seconds based not only on keywords, but also manipulated videos that are used for fraudulent purposes.

The possibilities of artificial intelligence seem almost limitless. The European Union now wants to set limits through the rules it has adopted.

Think about areas where AI can become meaningfully responsible

Roman Kern, an AI researcher at the Knowledge Center at the Technical University of Graz, says the EU has asked itself the important question: “What regulations are needed here to restrict where AI can be used? The case is that you want to make the risk based on the fact that you say For example, there is no AI to control nuclear power plants. And in other areas where it doesn’t matter, we let the AI ​​do what it wants. And in between you have an area that you’re not sure about. That’s where trustworthy AI comes in. That means you It uses artificial intelligence that must meet certain requirements.

Certifications as guidelines

To this end, after a thorough examination of the modus operandi, certificates will be developed and awarded to trustworthy providers of solutions and services in the field of artificial intelligence: “It will go in exactly this direction. These certificates then state that privacy is protected, that legal and social standards are adhered to, etc. Like that.

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For Kern, this is a positive development: “Yes, this is research in that you look at what are the capabilities and capabilities of AI, but at the same time it asks the question where, where do you draw the limits? How can I tame AI? And it is supposed to develop union regulations.” European Union on this by the end of the year.