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SU Strasser Steine ​​St.  Martin in the Transdanubia State Cup Final

SU Strasser Steine ​​St. Martin in the Transdanubia State Cup Final

St. Martin/Mulcris. SU Strasser Steine ​​St. Martin in the Transdanubia State Cup Final. Saint Martin won a real thrill at home at Ubachstadion 3:2 after extra time against Askö Oedt.

Askö Oedt started like the fire brigade and found three good chances in the first five minutes of the match alone. On the other hand, the Saint Martins didn’t really get into the game and made life difficult for themselves due to their mistakes. In the 19th minute it happened because it should have: a cross pass on Nenad Vidakovic, who was left alone in the five, who headed to Oued to make it 1-0.

After advancing, the Oedters continued to set the tone, but SU Strasser Steine ​​St. Martin is now able to attack frequently, for example in the 26th minute when Oedter’s back-team made a fatal error on site, which remained unused. With 1-0 in favor of Oedt we go into the booth at the end of the first half.

With the momentum of the break

The Saint Martins make two changes during the break: Mario Mitter and Simon Schauberger got into the game. Almost equalized in the 52nd minute, and Manuel Pichler hit the post. Just two minutes later, substitute Mario Mitter appeared in front of Oedter’s chest, but he found his match in goalkeeper Oliver Fisher.

St Maarten continues to create chances but eventually weakens. On the other hand, Udt 2-0 Nenad Vidakovic scored on his foot a quarter of an hour before the end, but goalkeeper Rafael Neumüller keeps St. Martin in the match.

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The equalizer came in the 84th minute: Martin Dudak hit a free kick from Martin Lindak with a header, and the Ubachstadion stadium raged. In the end it was 1:1, the extra time was gone and it looked as if they smelled a wick for St. Martin: minute 96, Manuel Pichler fired from the 16er, 2:1 for St. Martin.

101 min: Manuel Pichler’s best action accuracy on Martin Lindak, who moves into goal and lifts Oedter’s goalkeeper to make it 3-1 for St. Martin.

St. Martin delivers results over time

In the second half of extra time, Oedt managed to make the score 3-2 with a goal from Marco Weber, but nothing changed: referee Asim Basic blew the whistle, St. Martin won the State Cup for the first time, securing not only the €10,000 winner’s check but also the starting place In the Uniqa ÖFB Cup 2022/23. A day to remember for a long time in St Maarten.