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Submitted: Winter in the Wachau as of January 1, 2024 at 5:29 pm – ORF-TVthek

Submitted: Winter in the Wachau as of January 1, 2024 at 5:29 pm – ORF-TVthek

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Winter in Wachau

In the Wachau, winter nights are illuminated by works of art: Peter Schoenhardt, member of the artists group “Atzgerei”, projects the facades of the Wachau with a projector – a new imagination on the old walls, and what is visualized on the table becomes clear only with the first projection. Hannelore Mayrhofer finds special locations for the theater festival “Wachau in Real Time”: vineyards, hay barns and private castles open to the curious public. Captain and shipowner Barbara Brandner uses the Wachau landscape as a setting for her daily work on the Danube and prepares this special panorama for her guests on board MS Austria, even in the dark. For winegrowers in Vacau, winter is the quietest time of the year. Nicholas Sahs and Anna Lohn from Nikolaihof in Mautern are now only picking dried berries to make sweet wine. When it comes to savory treats, something savory and sweet is the order of the day in the cold: Anna Lunn and cookbook author Christine Sahns prepare a curd pie filled with preserved apricots. Philipp Issel cooks pork with cabbage and Istrian truffles at the restaurant in Ratschedorf. On the north bank of the Danube, in Krems, the New State Gallery offers splendor and a play of colour. It is shaped like a twisted cube that rises against a background of vineyards. Curator Günter Oberhollenzer, in collaboration with Russian photographer Ekaterina Sevruk, explores the role of Wachau's beautiful landscape as a place of nostalgia.

Photo credit: ORF/Satel Film/Katarina Hegel

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