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Subscription trap: Some free apps from the App Store become intrusive

Subscription trap: Some free apps from the App Store become intrusive

In the Apple App Store Not only paid applications are offered, but also many free tools. However, some apps cannot be used without paying and using strict methods to get users to sign up.

Although the apps can be offered and installed for free initially, the apps do not bring any functionality without the subsequent purchase of a subscription. Twitter user Edoardo Vacchi notes that when you first open an app called “My Metronome,” it prompts you to sign up for $10 a month. The tool displays a popup and locks all inputs so that the application cannot be closed via the menu bar or the keyboard. The user has to force stop by activity monitor or restart to hide the message.

Applications are checked before release

to me the edge The app provider has developed other apps that are also based on paywall. Before the app is shown in the App Store, the software is checked by Apple. Tools that violate the policy should not normally be allowed. The reason why apps are still available in the App Store isn’t clear. Meanwhile, “My Metronome” has been removed from the platform.

Apple operating system users macOS You have the option to report apps after downloading if they violate the guidelines. The corresponding button can be found on the relevant page of the App Store. However, many one-star reviews indicate that “My Metronome” has been available on the App Store for several years. Since it is unlikely that the tool was not reported by annoying users, it remains to be seen why Apple did not react sooner and deleted the application.

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