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Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Possible Causes and Why First Aid Is Important

Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Possible Causes and Why First Aid Is Important

Sudden cardiac arrest seems to come out of nowhere. But the omen often precedes it. What are these procedures and what are the first aid measures that can save the affected.

BERLIN – There were exciting moments in the European Championship preliminary round match against Denmark against Finland: at the end of the first half, midfielder Christian Eriksen suddenly collapses, collapses and has to be revived. Immediate first aid measures save his life. Since then, many people have asked themselves: How can a young athlete have sudden cardiac arrest? We explain the possible causes and measures that increase the chance of survival in an emergency. *

Sudden cardiac arrest is usually completely unexpected. First of all, there is an acute arrhythmia, and after a few minutes the sufferers lose consciousness and normal breathing stops – the heart stops. There is a chance of survival only if first aid is provided quickly. According to the German Center for Cardiovascular Research (DZHK), about 65,000 people in Germany lose their lives each year due to sudden cardiac arrest. This is about 20 percent of all deaths from cardiovascular disease. * is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA

This article contains general information only on the relevant health topic and is therefore not intended for self-diagnosis, treatment or medication. Under no circumstances do not replace a visit to the doctor. Unfortunately, our editors are not allowed to answer individual questions about clinical images.

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