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Sugababes to Lenny Kravitz: 2024 will be the year the albums come back

Sugababes to Lenny Kravitz: 2024 will be the year the albums come back

A number of the chart’s underwriters will be presenting new material next year, some of which will be returning after a long break. A few albums for next year.

Next year, some well-known voices will likely return after a long time. It is said that 2024 will be the year of comeback, but guarantees of success will also offer something new. gossip almost. Lead singer Beth Deity was once a star at the Gucci and Lagerfeld fashion shows, but at some point she disappeared. Twelve years later, a new album is coming from the reunited trio: “Real Power” will be released on March 22. Star producer Rick Rubin, who remastered the hit “Heavy Cross” in 2009, is also on board.

There is also new material from an artist who is always celebrated in Austria: Lenny Kravitz“Records regularly reach the top 10 in the country. “Blue Electric Light” is scheduled for release on March 15, marking the 59-year-old star’s 10 full-length albums. There’s already a sneak preview: the video for single “TK421.”

He has almost as many albums Bad play already issued. The British said at the beginning of November that the number ten will appear in 2024 and is “about to expire.” ‘Moon Music’ should perhaps be understood as the sequel to its predecessor ‘Music Of The Spheres’. Fans can also contribute their voices to the song “One World.” The group around Chris Martin is no less popular in Austria than Kravitz; In August, Coldplay will play four evenings at the sold-out Ernst Happel Arena in Vienna.

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Not twelve (see gossip), but a six-year break the The Fantastic Four Granted. A new studio album titled “Long Player” will be released on October 4th next year. The new songs will also be performed live in Vienna on approximately 20 December 2024.

JLo, Sugababes and Usher

There will also be a sequel Jennifer LopezFind an album from 2002. “This Is Me… Then” will be joined (not surprisingly) by “This Is Me… Now” on February 16. Nearly a quarter-century after “One Touch” debuted , they want that too Sugababes Submitting and publishing the first album. And someone else wants to build on the 2000s: Guide. The Super Bowl is set for Sunday, February 11 with the American R&B star. On this day, he will not only ignite the excitement of American football fans, but at the same time he will release his ninth studio album, “Coming Home” – more than seven years after the release of “Hard II Love.”

Since returning Libertines Nine years have passed. With “All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade,” the British indie band made up of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat will release their fourth record on March 8th. The song’s previous track, “Run Run Run”, sounds more relaxed, but again promises proper garage rock. The band can be seen live next year at Lido Sounds in Linz.

New materials also come from Austria Yes, panic He is now at home in Berlin. In the fall, the Austrians released their independent album “Dream 12059” as a lead-in to studio album number seven. After multiple forays on the single track or into the literary world, the band will release “Don’t Play With The Rich Kids” on February 2nd. The group is also touring extensively, with a concert scheduled in Salzburg on April 12 and a stop in Vienna the following day.

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Thomas Anders and Florian SilbereisenThe “Album” was perhaps the surprise success par excellence of 2020. The first collaboration between the two singers even reached the top of the charts in Austria and remained in the top ten for weeks. Supplies are now being delivered on schedule one day before Silbereisen’s big entertainment show “Schlagerchampions”: “Again” will be released on January 12th. What will the number three be called? (APA/Ed.)