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Supporting people with dementia on New Year's Eve

Supporting people with dementia on New Year's Eve

It's nice to see fireworks, but in some places it can be loud and very crowded on New Year's Eve. Many people with dementia enjoy celebrations, but you should let them know before the evening that there will be fireworks. This way you can get an idea of ​​what the person in question is thinking and whether they want to participate. Some people with dementia may not want to be alone on New Year's Eve, but they also don't want to take part in a usual celebration. Hence it may be useful to find a compromise, e.g. B. A relaxing evening with fireworks and watching the fireworks from home or on TV.

If there are heavy shootings in the neighborhood, it can be stressful for a person with dementia. Talk to your neighbors about this beforehand or see if you can go somewhere quieter for a while: people with dementia usually find it more pleasant if they don't have a lot of people, a lot of activity, or loud noise Or sudden movements around you. If the person with dementia becomes agitated, help them by speaking calmly, touching them, or hugging them. If it becomes too much, it's a good idea to have someone take her inside to a quieter area or into the house. Hearing protection or earplugs can also be helpful.

Older people often feel cold easily but may not realize it or be unable to express it. So make sure to dress warmly, perhaps in several layers. Hot drinks also help you stay warm, but it's best to check the temperature beforehand to avoid burns.

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