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Surprise – employees “hijacked” trucks from St. Viet

Surprise – employees “hijacked” trucks from St. Viet

The Transporte Lechner team from St. Veit came up with something very special for the company's 25th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of their boss Anton Lechner – and they were bold: they “hijacked” one of the company's SCANIA trucks and transported it back to Kernhof. Reason: updating the car. This dates back to the 1990s and was supposed to sparkle with new splendor to make company president Anton Lechner particularly happy.

The truck was stolen from the company's garage in February and taken to Kögel's workshop in Kernhof. “In January we decided to give our boss a complete SCANIA truck makeover because we have the best boss you could ever hope for,” employees Bernhard Daxbock and Mark Gestötenmaier emphasized about the campaign. They want to continue to help build the company, also with the aim of securing existing jobs.

The president's wife calmed him down when he noticed the car was gone

Converting the car was quite a challenge. Not only was the engine serviced, but it was also completely overhauled, returning the truck to its typical blue color. The interior has been reupholstered and some additions have been installed. The company's president, Dagmar Lechner, was involved in the project from the beginning and was able to calm her husband down very quickly when he noticed two days later that a truck had disappeared.

The renovation was partly funded by the company itself and through donations raised by employees. All work performed by Lechner employees was performed on a volunteer basis for the company. The working hours for this exceed 700 hours.

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They have been disassembled, bonded, cut, welded, sanded and painted. Several companies from the area participated and helped congratulate Lechner's president on his 50th birthday and the company's 25th anniversary. The workforce would therefore like to thank Franz Waldron, Klaus Eichberger, Anton Wadora, Gerhard Thalhammer, Gerhard Lechner, Thomas Voglauer, Andreas Moser, Michael Leitner and Steve Bauer for their assistance.

Among the companies that helped were Kögel Transporte, Airbrush Klaus Wallner, Stahlhart Metallbau Sandro Schranz, Farben Christoph, Nutzfahrzeuge Michael Veitinger and Sandstrahl Denk.

The party takes place on June 15 and the truck is handed over to company president Anton Lechner. And then there's a party!