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Survey: cyclist somewhat satisfied with work - Austria

Survey: cyclist somewhat satisfied with work – Austria

Survey shows: The average profile of Austria’s cycling riders is men, not juniors, not in training.
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What is the average bike messenger profile in Austria? male gender. Age: Pretty young. Additionally: Not in vocational training. This is evidenced by a survey of nearly 300 delivery workers.

The majority of messengers surveyed are more satisfied than dissatisfied with working conditions, and vice versa when it comes to payment. However, many of them face dangerous traffic situations, humiliating behavior, insults, threats or unwanted sexual attempts.

Average Fahrradbote Profile: Male, somewhat young, not in training

Says a survey of the European Center for Welfare Policy and Social Research sponsored by the Vienna Chamber of Labor. The results showed that assault, especially on female drivers, is not isolated cases but rather a widespread problem. According to the study’s authors, this could also be an explanation for why the birthrate was down at 15.5 percent.

Food delivery people are mostly male

The survey showed that 8 out of 10 food delivery people are male, and the average age is around 30 years old. Most postal companies come from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy or Romania. It represents nationals from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey and Yemen from third countries. About a third of the apostles are studying, but the majority (54 percent) were not apprentices at the time of the survey.

Knowledge about cycling message tomography is not among all respondents

The survey shows that many drivers are unaware of their job rights. Only half of the respondents know that there is a collective agreement for bicycle reporters. It’s also surprising that more than half of the riders at Mjam and Lieferando are unaware of the existence of job boards at these companies.

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One-fifth of those surveyed are union members. About 43 percent are willing to join a trade union in the near future. Most drivers want trade union support regarding their salary, working conditions and job security in the form of protection against dismissal and adequate orders.

Most of the delivery people surveyed were self-employed

60 percent of those surveyed are self-employed, and about 33 percent are employed. On average, more than 60 percent work more than 16 hours a week and rely on income from that work to pay their bills. About a quarter also support other family members with their income.