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Suspension of 23 matches after the scandal bypassed the House of Commons

A total of five kickers had to answer themselves. Three hosts received suspensions of 12, 14, and 23 games, and two guest kickers were sentenced to four games (plus another four games with stipulations). In addition, the OÖFV office sent the file to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. St Martin’s had reacted even before the union’s sanction: the club had suspended the lower chamber trio of players.

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After the lower house game, the police had to move

TRAUN. After the final whistle in the second intermediate division between ATSV St. Martin/Tr. And Askö Kirchberg-Thening (2:2) There were ugly scenes.

After the lower house game, the police had to move

There are also penalties for abandoning the House match between 1b team from League Schalchen and St. Pantaleon (Second Division South West) a few weeks ago. Since the Guests left, the game has been rated 4:1 (state at the time of demolition) to the home side. Kicker St. Pantaleon was suspended for three games (plus eight games conditional). Schalchen’s assistant who hit the player in question with the flag is disqualified from all refereeing jobs.

The red card has been withdrawn

There was a precedent in the Austrian Upper House of Representatives: Almir Baruchitsch, referee of the last Landesliga Ost match between SC Marshtrink and Putzlinesdorf, admitted after the final whistle that Patrick Hammer wrongly ruled out a shot from SC due to a misunderstanding. The red card has now been withdrawn and the ban lifted.


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