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Suzuki S-Cross 1.4 Hybrid Allgrip, you're making fun of me

Suzuki S-Cross 1.4 Hybrid Allgrip, you’re making fun of me

What do you want to know about S-Cross?
It is one of the pioneers in the compact SUV segment. The series has been around since 2006, when most brands didn’t have a single compact SUV in their lineup. Since then, the name has been changed twice, after the SX4 and SX4 S-Cross, the model has only been called the S-Cross since 2022. The basic principles have remained the same: light weight, powerful all-wheel drive, and reasonable value for money. This continuity is typical of Suzuki, the Japanese are always convinced and not a science to the wind.
With 22 years, the technical basis and external dimensions remain unchanged, but the look and equipment have been completely renewed so that one can talk about a new model.

How much does the design change?
clearly. The chrome-plated nose no longer dominates the face, but with the black radiator grille that is painted upwards which in turn is scrolled by a massive chrome strip bearing the integrated brand logo. Modern LED lights with a three-part signature complement the proud new front. On the side, the angular wheel arches ensure a more durable character. The rear changes fundamentally like the front view thanks to the high-quality LED taillights and the distinctive plastic strip.

What is changing inside? How well does the service work?
The 9″ free-standing multimedia touch screen has a modern look and is easier to use due to its higher position. Several thematic areas can be displayed at the same time, the operation works well. Apple Carplay can be connected wirelessly, Android Auto with cable.
Lots of light streams through the panoramic glass roof, the dashboard now features a high-quality plastic surface with integrated decorative stitching, and the partial leather seat covers are very well made. Basically, it stays with sturdy surfaces without too much shishi.
Operation also remains pleasantly realistic and easy, which is an advantage over the competition’s growing number of touch surfaces. Simply turn off the lane-keep assist manually on your Suzuki if you want to do without it without interfering in between.
The fixtures now have white lettering on a gray background, which is elegant but not quite as legible as the previous white-on-black variant. Between the scales, a new color display provides comprehensive information on the most important topics such as music, satellite navigation and telephone. The new 360° panoramic view, which can also be activated with the push of a button, is great; The different perspectives come from four cameras (front, rear and both sides) and help not only when parking, but also in the off-road mode.

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