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SV Lochau stays on his way to the climb with a win at Bizau! – Soccer Vorarlberg – Results, tables and goals from all Vbg leagues.

FC Bezao
SV Lochau

SV Lochau beat FC Bizau 4-2. Lochau had a tailwind beforehand. It was easy to bring the thing home safely.

Older Barbossa Mendes put the visitors behind in the 25th minute. With Bezao ahead by one goal, both teams entered the dressing room after the whistle of the break. SV Typico Lochau hit the net in the 55th minute to equalize. The top of the table set the victory path with 2:1 in the 57th minute. In the 72nd minute, Mendes equalized to make the score 2-2. He has already scored his second goal! The match was about to end when Marcel Ladinck scored a goal up his sleeve for SV Luchau (82). Before the final whistle blew, it was Alexander Rundstock who made the perfect 4:2 in Lochau’s view (88th place). In the end, SV Typico Lochau scored a hat-trick against Kaufmann Bausysteme FC Bizau.

Sen raised, SV model coach Lochau: “Bezao was the stronger team in the first half. We went that wrong way. You can’t play short passes in the little box, so we did it clumsily. It was only checked in the second half and then things went better. A clear success for my team with a great performance. It is bittersweet that one of my players was seriously injured!”

In FC Bizau, the defense was always shaky due to the 27 goals he conceded. However, the attack also liked to hit the opposite goal (32). The host team is ranked seventh in the table with 19 points. Bezao scored a total of six wins, one draw and six defeats. Kaufmann Bausysteme FC Bizau suffers its third bankruptcy in a row towards a serious crisis.

SV Luchao has been very hungry for goals during the season so far. Lochau has already scored 37 goals. SV Typico Lochau has a proud record of nine wins, four combined points and undefeated this season. In the last five matches, SV Lochau consistently performed and scored 13 points.

FC Besau travels to FC Som Alberschvende next Saturday, while Lukau hosts FCOS Pau Andelsbusch at the same time.

Vorarlbergliga: Kaufmann Baseteme FC Bezao – SV Tibiko Luchau, 2:4 (1:0)

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