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SV Red coach Christian Heinley after the Upper Austria derby against LASK: "I lost two points" - Bundesliga

SV Red coach Christian Heinley after the Upper Austria derby against LASK: “I lost two points” – Bundesliga

subordinate Lask A 1:1 draw in the fourth Upper Austria derby of the season SV Guntamatic Red And he goes to the last round of group qualifiers next Friday and occupies second place in the table. After a poor performance for over an hour, the athletes took over from the middle of the second half in a lackluster but always exciting duel. The final stage turned into an emotional climax due to two VAR checks. under the statment.

“Punishment that is not given is likely to be given anywhere”

Dietmar Koebauer (LASK coach) About

…which – which Game: “We were very passive in the first half. We hardly play the balls well. We played very conservative. In the second half it was a different match. We deserved a draw. With the necessary luck, or rather if we don’t get a penalty, which is probably awarded everywhere. , we could have won. It was basically 1-1, which you can say is fine. I’m only satisfied with the second half.”

…which – which The next duel against Admira: “I would like to have good halves. In the first two games we have a little break in the first half. But the good thing is that we know very well that we can. We want to put in good halves against Admira.”

Siegmund Gruber (President LASK) … about …

Coach Dietmar Koebauer’s Choice (before the match): “Why not Didi Kohbauer? If you look at what Didi Kohbauer helped achieve in the Austrian league, then statistically – if you can exclude the coaches of Salzburg – he is the most successful coach.”

…Maybe The passing of James Holland: “We will definitely not comment on something any media writes. If the players leave, we will announce it.”

Heinel: “Obviously we are the better team”

Christian Heinley (Coach SV Gunmatic Red) … about …

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the game: “If you look at the course of the match, I lost two points. We played well and it was clear that we were the better team. We deservedly led 1-0. We have to make it 2-0 after the first half. We got a stupid equalizer and we were just gone. That is the stage where we were lucky not to catch one and be left behind.”

…critical Punishment scenes: “If it is controversial, the referee is well advised to take the discussions out of the way behind the scenes on both sides.”

Final in Hartburg: We’ve had this stress for a few weeks. We were there from the start. The only thing we didn’t achieve was the goals. If we can do that by next week, I’m confident we can do it.”

“The points are shared only because of Salzburg.”

Roland Daxel (Chairman SV Gunmatic RED)…more..

change coach (before the match): “Christian Heinl has a good relationship with the team before and now. The mechanics don’t always take effect immediately when changing coach, we know that. We’ve had a hard try and we’ve had it often enough lately.”

…The Sharing points: “Since the new league was put in place, a lot could be achieved. I wanted to create tension. The points were only shared because of Red Bull Salzburg, to be able to see another champion again. It remains to be seen if splitting the points in the qualifying group is the right way. Discuss it. The most important thing is to ensure that our club can plan with certainty in the Premier League.”

Walter Coogler (Sky expert) For both teams: “In Upper Austria, club officials are not happy with the sporting development of their teams. Both teams have done something in the coaching sector. They are not doing well and are happy to be able to finish this year with a black eye.”

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Statement source: Sky Sport Austria

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