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SV Waidhofen – An essential week for the Waidhofen team

SV Waidhofen – An essential week for the Waidhofen team

The mood at SV Waidhofen is already positive since the extension of cooperation with coach Andreas Neuwirth last week. There was definitely a sense of optimism that we wanted to regroup in the second half of the season and attack again. However, this euphoria has diminished. “It’s been a very busy week for SVW, you have to be honest,” said Chairman Andreas Hanisch. “Of course we had our plans for how to continue after the training issue was resolved. But some of them have faded for now.”

Thayastädter actually wanted to introduce the first new addition this week. He plays with eight midfielders, but also feels comfortable on the wing – moreover, he still lives in Jihlava, so he could have accompanied Antonin Plechta in the car. “He was there as a guest player at the training sessions, he convinced us, and he really liked it,” says Hanisch. We have already agreed verbally that it will be a matter of signature only. Then he suddenly canceled the order at the last minute through his manager. There is no time for him…”

Hanish is definitely upset: “The technical director apologized, but we are still without players.”

Ringsworth also jumped

What makes matters even more bitter is that the residents of Waidhoven were immediately anticipating the next bad news. After two years, Andreas Ringsworth is tired of local league football and wants to move to the House of Representatives. The central midfielder has been linked with the Gars (Autumn Division 1 North West/Central champions), but there has been no confirmation from the club yet. “We had hoped that he would stay with us until the summer and finish the project we started together. But that is the case now,” sighs Hanisch. “This makes our situation more difficult.”

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But the setback does not have to last. The search for players has begun again. “Something will happen again,” says Hanisch. “We will not bury our heads in the sand. But that does not make the situation any easier.”