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Swound Sound Worldwide - 30 years old “FM4 Swound Sound” - The Gap

Swound Sound Worldwide – 30 years old “FM4 Swound Sound” – The Gap

FM4 Mix “Swound Sound” celebrates its 30th anniversary on Saturday with a ten-hour DJ show at Usus am Wasser.

© Dominic Berchtold

Usually on the water “puffy sound” Synonymous with an open air event with free entry with great views of the New Danube, Leopoldsberg and usually wonderful sunsets. Always there: the latest electronic music. In this event, the program is currently being recorded and is being recorded on Thursdays; Just to celebrate the upcoming anniversaries are you switching to Saturday.

Duo with cult status

The protagonists of “Swound Sound” are DJ Makossa, Marcus Wagner-Lapierre, as master of the Sugar B party, and Martin Forster, who fills the DJ sets with his easy style, based on MCs for the dub and reggae scene, gentle sayings accompanied by commentary. The duo not only has a cult status in Vienna, but has also toured all federal states with “Swound Sound” and has also repeatedly had concerts in neighboring countries.

MC Sugar B and DJ Makossa (Photo: FM Radio)

At the weekly “Swound Sound” recording session, a two-hour live recording is produced, broadcast ten days later on Saturdays from 10pm to midnight on FM4. The presentation of the radio mix unambiguously begins with his affixed signature: “Open Sesame!” DJ sets can be listened to for a week on an FM4 player, and most of the 1,300 shows broadcast to date can be accessed permanently on Soundcloud.

“Swound Sound” will probably be the longest running radio show in history, according to research — not just in Austria, but all over the world. Only the show “Solid Steel” of the English duo Coldcut (Matt Black and Jonathan More are also founders of Ninja Tunes Records) has been around for much longer, that is, since 1988; However, “Solid Steel” is only available as an online-only program.

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Innovative in style

“Swound Sound” first aired in January 1992 and was designed to be a flashy and stylistically innovative new format for Ö3 – then and now the driving force of ORF radio. Three years later, the show moved to the newly established FM4 station. After the Ö3 recording sessions in the smoke room of the radio station ORF, the two musicians began recording the mix for the plenary sessions. A whole host of venues have been hosted in the meantime: Arena, Dub Club at Flex, Wirr, Loft, Brut and, most recently, before the pandemic, Celeste. As well as the current habit on the water.

MC Sugar B (Photo: Dominik Perchtold)

Champion has remained true to the basic idea of ​​a musically sophisticated radio mix show and the well-known division of roles over the years: “Swound Sound” stands for high-quality electronic music by DJ Makossa; MC Sugar B gives everything an extra boost with its gentle and funky moderation. Martin Forster: “I see myself as a mediator between the audience and Macusa, an animator and also as a cheerleader.”

dynamic evolution

Makossa and Sugar B have developed the show dynamically over the years and have added more and more of its own touch. Musically, the two friends brought many international developments of the electronic club scene to Austria and covered a very wide range. The stylistic repertoire over the years has ranged from lounge tracks of the late ’90s to percussion, drum and bass to house, afro rhythms, and slow or organic house today.

DJ Makusa (Photo: Dominic Berchtold)

In Makossa’s own words, this means: “I play healing sounds with a global mix of deep, wet, eclectic, organic, electronic and cosmic disco elements.” In addition to DJ Makossa host, guest DJs contribute to the programme. “The Sound of Sound” «The events come mostly from the Viennese scene.

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10th Anniversary Party

This coming Saturday, DJ Makossa and MC Sugar B will celebrate the 30th anniversary of their launch joint show; Two “Swound Sound” sessions, four hours of radio programming, are recorded during these 30 essential tracks from 30 years of “Swound Sound.” It must be an exciting musical journey through time.

As a thank you to the weekly event’s loyal visitors and listeners who broadcast the show in over 100 countries, there will be an extended DJ program with a total of ten hours of free “Swound Sound” music as well as session check-in.

the event «30 Years» FM4 Swound Sound ‹« It will take place on Saturday 9 July 2022, with free admission at Usus am Wasser. The current broadcast can over here to be heard.

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