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System Configuration - The psychology of spring cleaning - Knowledge

System Configuration – The psychology of spring cleaning – Knowledge


The days are getting longer and brighter – and we’re cleaning, tidying, and disposing of them. It also affects us

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining in the apartment and suddenly you see that the windows are in dire need of cleaning. Dust, which we haven’t noticed for months, suddenly bothers us and we really feel like we’re doing a thorough spring cleaning.

The fact that this is happening now does not surprise psychologist Daniel Wrigley. The body releases more serotonin and dopamine, both of which are commonly referred to as the happiness hormones. It makes us happier, alert, and energetic.

The psychology of spring cleaning has not yet been scientifically studied. But Wrigley knows that: “Spring cleaning also brings a new routine to life,” says the expert.

Tidy Apartment – Tidy Interior

The awakening that spring brings with it motivates us to clean up, get rid of, and get rid of them completely. And this better overview of the apartment, according to the psychologist, extends to the interior. “You have more space – and you can breathe easier again.” The rewards center is in touch too, thanks to the clean and tidy apartment.

The most important thing for the Swiss are the windows

open box
close the box

But not everyone feels comfortable. “It depends on what you’re arranging and cleaning,” says Regli from experience. The psychologist loves books and finds it difficult to separate from the individual volumes. “We don’t like to spoil things, especially things we have a close relationship with.” After all, these things are connected with memories, feelings and emotions.

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Spring cleaning tips

Anyone who likes to close his eyes to dirty windows or ignore the layers of dust in the apartment is advised to clean in pairs. “It’s best to collaborate with someone who can easily clean, tidy, and dispose of things,” recommends Regli. In turn, you can also help the easy disposer not to give up anything too early in the arrangement fever.

It’s best to work with someone who can clean, tidy, and dispose of things easily.

If you prefer tidying up and cleaning on your own, you can use this trick: invite visitors. If you want to receive guests, you arrange and clean automatically. “This way you are also doing something for your well-being,” Regli knows from his own experience.

Tips to get rid of easier

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The psychologist advises asking yourself the following questions: “Why do I still have this thing?” You must answer this question honestly for yourself. Just like the second question: “Why am I attached to this thing?” Under certain conditions, it then becomes clear that something can easily be thrown away or given away.