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Szekeres calls for tax breaks for people who have been vaccinated

Szekeres calls for tax breaks for people who have been vaccinated

Only about 61 percent of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to experts, this is not enough, especially given the more contagious delta variant, a higher rate is urgently required. Thomas Szeckers, president of the Austrian Medical Association (ÖÄK) is now demanding tax breaks for people who have been vaccinated. And he wrote on Friday on the radio that this method is correct, effective and appropriate.

“Everyone who gets vaccinated makes an important contribution to getting us back to normal and saving us from further lockdowns that have cost us and our country dearly,” Szkeres said. “In the current exceptional situation, the state should respect this willingness through tax exemption,” he demanded. Balancing the costs of this measure, which rewards a personal commitment to the common good, against the costs of the economic and social consequences of further lockdown or longer protection measures, as well as the additional burden on the health system, should speak clearly in favor of this exceptional measure, President ÖÄK emphasized.

Politicians must decide the amount and structure of the tax exemption. He pointed to studies and surveys showing that more incentives would motivate non-immune people. “If we can raise the preventative measures to a large extent with a high vaccination rate similar to Denmark or Norway, then the investment will certainly be worth it,” Szkeres said.

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