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T-Mobile in the US with millions of comparisons

T-Mobile in the US with millions of comparisons

USA – US telecom subsidiary T-Mobile US wants to pay half a billion dollars to settle user complaints after a major hacker attack. $350 million to go into a fund for lawsuits against U.S. customers.

An additional $150 million will be spent this year and next year to improve cybersecurity, according to the agreement released over the weekend.

According to court documents, 76.6 million US residents were identified as victims of online attacks last year. Stolen user data included names and phone numbers.

As is usual in such cases, the contract expressly states that T-Mobile US has not admitted wrongdoing. After the cyber attack, T-Mobile US was hit with class action lawsuits accusing it of not adequately protecting user data. Several dozen cases were compiled in Missouri.

The deal still needs to be approved by a Missouri judge. According to the company, this could happen in December – but it said appeals processes could cause further delays.

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