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Talks with the Taliban began in Oslo

For the first time since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan, Western representatives met an official Islamic delegation on European soil today in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Initially, the Taliban delegation led by Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mutaki met with representatives of the USA, the European Union and several European countries such as France and Germany. Conversations happen behind closed doors.


Talks will focus on the human rights situation and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. The humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan has escalated since the Taliban took power in August after 20 years of fighting the US-backed government and the US region. According to the United Nations, millions of people in the country are at risk of starvation.

AP / NTB scanpix / Torstein Boe

So far, no country has officially identified the Taliban government. The talks in Oslo also meant “there is no legitimacy or recognition for the Taliban.”

But “we must not allow the political situation to lead to an even worse humanitarian catastrophe.” For their part, the Taliban hoped to improve relations with the West before the start of the talks.

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