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Taser - Daunte Wright confusion: a guided bullet to the chest

Taser – Daunte Wright confusion: a guided bullet to the chest

Can taser guns be confused with lethal firearms? The risk is there, but it is minimal. Taser pistols are treated like trigger pistols, in the USA, Glocks are the US Police’s choice – but they are lighter and usually also come with warning colors. The Glock, on the other hand, weighs heavy in the hand and, unlike the Taser, must be opened. Additionally, US police officers are required to wear Taser and Glock pistols on different sides of their bodies. The lethal firearm must hang at the hip where the dominant hand is, and the stun gun should hang on the other side.

“If you train enough, you should notice the difference,” retired Sergeant Scott Defoe was quoted by The New York Times on the subject as saying.

Don Wright, a young African American woman, was shot dead by a white policewoman in Minnesota on Sunday. It’s the same state where African American George Floyd was killed by a white police officer 11 months earlier. Floyd couldn’t breathe because the policeman was kneeling on his neck.

Wright was shot dead in a traffic stop while evading arrest and attempting to escape in his car. Wright was defenseless. He appeared on the police radar, missing the court date.

One electric shock fault per year

Police officer, Kim B. He, who had been on the job for 26 years, really wanted to pull a thunderbolt, it was said the next day. She is on vacation at the moment, and the case is being investigated.

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On average, US police officers have a lethal mix of lightning strikes once a year. However, here too the tragic coincidences have a structural racial background. Because the victims of such mixing with lightning are also disproportionately of African American descent.

In the past few years, the police actions that resulted in death have been repeated. The first time in the past few years when a white man was accidentally shot (at close range) instead of immobilizing him with a taser, the incident turned out to be moderate. The victim survived – the shot in the torso did not pass through the vital organs.

Most of the African Americans who the cops officially wanted to use were not so lucky.

This might also indicate a reaction in some people in uniform to achieving higher goals in African Americans.

Because even if Kim P. pulled the Thunderbolt instead of Glock, her behavior was still in stark contrast to police rules.

Wright died from one shot in the chest. The New York Times quoted from the police brochure: “When using the electric stun gun, be careful to aim at the lower body and avoid hitting the head, neck, chest and lower back area.” Additionally, an electric taser should not be used if there is a risk of collateral damage – for example if the person is sitting in a car. Wright was in the steering wheel, and was driving a few blocks away after the shot before he died.

48-year-old cop Kim B was registered 2 years ago. At the time, 21-year-old African American Kobe Edgar Demock Hessler was murdered by two police officers who were unable to assess his mental state. Demok-Hessler had just suffered a bout of depression, hit himself with a knife and clashed with his grandparents. Police officers were called by neighbors, apparently feeling threatened, and Demok Hessler was shot.

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Kim P. was one of the first police officers to be on the scene after that. She recommended that her colleagues leave the crime scene immediately and turn off the camera of her body.

An internal investigation later stated that the police officers involved had justification for the use of lethal force.

Despite the curfew, people in Minneapolis took to the streets on Tuesday in protest. Dozens of protesters chanted slogans and waved banners in front of the police station. Read the banners raised by the protesters, “Am I next?” Police used tear gas and ordered the demonstration to stop.