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Tax Documents Dispute: Defeat for Trump

The appeals court has cleared the way for former US President Donald Trump’s tax records to be released before a House committee. The District of Columbia Court of Appeals finally denied the former president’s request yesterday (local time). The decision means that Trump must release his tax positions to the committee.

Expected to go to the Supreme Court

However, it is believed that Trump’s lawyers will now try to appeal to the country’s Supreme Court.

The former president had been resisting the release of his tax documents for years. And the Treasury Department of the administration of Joe Biden, Trump’s successor, instructed the IRS last year to turn over the documents to the committee. In contradiction to US political customs, real estate entrepreneur Trump has not made his tax return public either as a presidential candidate or after his transition to the White House. So critics suspect he has something to hide.

The appeals court had already rejected Trump’s request in August, thus upholding a lower court’s decision. The former president then requested a re-examination, which has now also been denied. Trump has a number of legal problems. In addition to the controversy over the removal of classified government documents, there are several lawsuits pending against him.

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