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Tears at Camp Nou: Messi said goodbye to Barcelona

Tears at Camp Nou: Messi said goodbye to Barcelona

“I can only thank all my teammates, all my former teammates and all the people who work at this club and who care about this club.”

“I never imagined I would go. Not like this. Especially after last year with the pandemic and empty stadiums.”

The 34-year-old finally finished his acceptance speech to thunderous applause and received a standing ovation that lasted for minutes. The scenes that upset the world star finally. Messi, who is arguably the best footballer in history, cried. And he barely stopped crying, but then answered the questions of the media representatives present.

“Paris Possibility”

And of course there was the question of where he would play next year and whether it would really be Paris Saint-Germain, as is rumored.

“Honestly, yes, that’s a possibility. But nothing has been fixed yet. I’ve had a lot of calls.”

A reporter wanted to know how Barcelona would run without him. “People will get used to it. Barcelona has a great team. Players come and go but the club stays. That is the most important thing.”

After 40 minutes, the press conference finally ended. And again there was a standing ovation for the world star.

The press conference can be viewed here:

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