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Technics EAH-AZ80 & EAH-AZ60M2 |  TW in the ears

Technics EAH-AZ80 & EAH-AZ60M2 | TW in the ears

Technics announces two new wireless in-ear headphones. They hear the somewhat cumbersome product designations EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 each with a variety of features and functions, such as noise cancellation or Multipoint connection.

Technologies EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2: functions and technical details

Both true wireless headphones are not only suitable as pure ears for playing music or audiobooks, they also come with telephone function and active noise cancellation. The latter is based on the combined effect of digital software filters and front-facing microphones. In addition, the noise cancellation can be adjusted: there is a mode for “natural environment” and another for “attention” – here human voices are “passed” to hear announcements at an airport or train station, for example. JustMyVoice technology should ensure exceptional speech clarity during phone calls. In addition, both ears can be charged wirelessly – and they can be connected to up to three peripherals via Bluetooth.

Technics EAH-AZ80 in a silver color variant

The Technics EAH-AZ80 features a specially shaped case designed to fit the ear as best as possible – without the pressure often felt inside the ears. On the other hand, the Technics EAH-AZ60M2 – as seen in the large teaser image above – comes with a so-called All-Day-Comfort-Fit-Design housing, which is supposed to ensure more comfortable and secure wearing due to the extended contact surface. Dynamic driver with 10mm aluminum diaphragm running inside.

The battery life for the true wireless earbuds is seven and a half hours (without noise cancellation) and can be expanded up to 25 hours using the charging stations provided. Qi wireless standard is also supported.

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The Technics EAH-AZ60M2 is available in midnight blue, silver and black, while the Technics EAH-AZ80 is available in black and silver. Both ears are waterproof IPX4shortening.

the prices:

  • Technics EAH-AZ60M2: 229 euros
  • Technologies EAH-AZ80: 299 euros


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