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Tennis: Tim is still on hold

Tennis: Tim is still on hold


The date for the return of tennis star Dominic Thiem is still open. The competition that the defending champion fought with injuring his right wrist at the US Open at the end of August is still in question. In any case, his return is planned for this year, his team told the newspaper “Salzburger Naschrichten” (Thursday edition).

“We don’t have an appointment in sight yet because we are following more medical advice. But what is certain is that Dominic will be back on the pitch this year,” said the Lower Austria supervisor.

Tim ruptured his tendon sheath and its accompanying joint capsule on June 22 and hasn’t played a game since. He recently started softball training again.

“Healing progressed as expected”

“The healing process is progressing as expected,” his team continued. “Dominic trusted the doctors from the start and will continue to follow their advice,” said physiotherapist Alex Stober.

The injury can be compared to that of Rafael Nadal in 2016. The Spaniard had to take a break of two and a half months at that time. Tim himself had said at the beginning of July that he should be “very, very close” to the US Open.

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