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“Terminator” can't miss Weißwurst's party – 5 minutes

“Terminator” can't miss Weißwurst's party – 5 minutes

Their leader: Styrian Oak, Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will not only invite people to his climate charity auction on Thursday night, but will also honor the number one party when it comes to light bulbs, the Weißwurst Party.

Every Friday evening at Stanglwirt

As always, the latter takes place on Friday evening at Stanglwirt in Going and is one of the biggest highlights of the “Snowciety” festival. The fact that Arne will not be missing at this event is in the nature of a Weißwurst party. The 76-year-old star and former governor, who also traditionally spends the night at the site, will likely celebrate his 31st Weißwurst Zuzeln again with his girlfriend Heather Milligan. It is still unclear whether the Terminator will take one of his children with him again. Stanglwirt's head chef, Thomas Ritzer, will almost certainly serve as the “boiler master” at Weißwurstsause, according to the APA.

The usual suspects are at it again

It's also certain that countless celebrities will gather around the cauldron, because the “usual suspects” are there once again. Among them: Arni's friend Ralf Müller, Andreas Gabalier, Jerry Friedel aka DJ Otzi, TV star Elton, as well as brand sports legends Fritz Strobel, Mario Matt, Mark Ghirardelli and Felix Neureuther. They didn't want to reveal anything to the APA about this year's show, but only this much: They are “house friends” and it will be “emotional.” The “Stanglwirt” Balthasar Hauser is expected to receive about 2,500 guests.

Schwarzenegger with the “Climate Charity Auction”

The previous day, also at Stanglwirt, Schwarzenegger will have marked the actual start of the Hahnenkam week of events with a “Climate Charity Auction”. The star, who achieved great success last year with the action-comedy series “Fubar” on Netflix and his book guide “Be Useful”, will once again bring a whole series of well-known faces and, not least, representatives of the media to go to the foot of the temptation of Wilder Kaiser. As has been the case since 2020, the proceeds will benefit the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative, which supports climate projects around the world and, for example, organizes the Austrian Global Summit in Vienna. There are plenty of items up for auction for this best cause, such as a living room concert by “TheBossHoss,” a training session with Schwarzenegger himself or an Audemars Piguet watch specially made for him and limited to 20 lots. all over the world. Before it's all auctioned off, celebrities have to walk the “red carpet” on a grand scale: Felix Neureuther, Ralf Müller, Mark Keller, supermodel Barbara Meyer, The Pusshouse, Tommy Ten, Amelie Van Tas, Niclas Castelo, Johan Eliash. Caffort around there.

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“Nothing is constant in Kitz”

Although no names have been announced yet, it is likely that the number of celebrities at the “KitzRaceParty” on Saturday evening will be close to the number of events at Stanglwirt. In Kitz marketer Harti Weirather's VIP temple, located directly on the finish slope, celebrities are once again rehearsing their red carpet walk. There will also be a musical act – also still unknown – once again. In 2020, the Black Eyed Peas were responsible for the background music, and in 2022 it was DJ Ötzi and Chico & The Gypsies. It is doubtful that Signa founder Rene Benko, a regular member of the “RaceParty” who has gotten into big trouble, will also be present. But: nothing was fixed in Kitz. However, on the same day, celebrities have to do activities completely different from glamorizing and presenting themselves in the media: that is, skating more or less well. For a good cause – for mountain farming families in Tyrol and South Tyrol in need – for example, Melissa Näschenung, Sebastian Vettel, Gerhard Berger and Didier Kocchi, attach panels that mean the world not only in Kitzbühel on the final slope of the “Streif”. It remains unclear whether “final arbiter” Bernie Ecclestone will make the trip to Kitz. At about the same time as the “KitzRaceParty”, the “Lobster Party” and “Schnitzelessen” will take place in the “Sonnbergstubn” of the Rosi Schipflinger above Kitzbühel on Saturday at the Kitzhof Hotel. In “Lobster Party” you will most likely meet skateboarding legends like Karl Schranz or Franz Klemm, and in “Schnitzelessen” you will meet again Elton, actor Errol Sander, “Big Brother” legend Jürgen Mileski and – last, but certainly not least. – Andreas Gabalier, like them I learned APA.

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“Night of the Legends of Kitz”

Another event in the Hahnenkamm Week program is the “Night of Legends of Kitz”. This is already scheduled to take place on Wednesday. In addition to this year's 'Inspiration Award', the winner of which is still unclear, celebrities and sports icons such as Maria Höffel-Riesch, Ivica Kostelic, Jan Hudek, Elisabeth Gurgel, Daron Ralfes and Alexander Cole are also expected to attend. Politicians don't miss big celebrations either. The State Government of Tyrol invites you to attend the tried and tested “Kitzbühel Reception” on Thursday evening, including the “National Reception” with archers and musicians at the “Goldene Gams” in Vorderstadt. In addition to State Governor Anton Mattel (ÖVP), you can also meet ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober, and skiing greats of the past such as Ernst Hinterseer, Hias Leitner and Sonnbergstubn Landlady Schipflinger. The residents of Lower Austria don't want to be left out either: shortly before the “Tyrol Reception”, Governor Johanna Mikkel-Leitner (ÖVP) invites you to the “Lower Austria Reception” in Kitzhof under the slogan “Unplugged!” Among those expected to be “Million Show” presenter Armin Assinger, former goalkeeper Michael Counsell, former slalom athlete Reinfried Herbst, Fritz Strobel and ORF general manager Roland Weissmann. Mattel, Michael Leitner's counterpart, will also celebrate the friendly federal state. Several Lower Austrian winemakers will be presented, among others. (APA/01/14/2024)