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TerraPay is licensed in the United States and aims to expand its presence in key global markets

The Hague, Netherlands, June 12 / PRNewswire / Terrabe, the world’s leading provider of digital payment infrastructure, announces its Fiscal Service Provider (MSB) license in the state of Florida. This license will enable the company’s unique and robust cross-border payment infrastructure to provide real-time, low-cost, local international remittances and various value-added financial services to TerraPay’s partners and their customers worldwide.

With US licenses, Terrabe aims to expand its partner network in the US and LATAM region to enable low-cost, hassle-free and instant transactions in 96 countries. This MSB license is an important step towards the goal of Terrabe, which will become a key partner in the global cross-border payment system.

With US licenses, TerraPay now has 25 regulatory approvals and local licenses that connect customers to its global partner networks -> 4.5 billion bank accounts,> 1.5 billion mobile wallets and 49 settlement currencies in 192 countries.

Then World Bank According to published data, the United States leads the world in remittances, followed by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. The report shows that in the first quarter of 2021, the cost of sending money across international borders was high, averaging 6.4 percent. The costs of relocating to sub-Saharan Africa are particularly high (8 percent).

Amber Sur, Founder and CEO of Terrabe, commented: “The MSP license is a strategic impetus for our commitment to enhancing global financial content. Our partners and clients are our priority. TerraPay works hard to comply with the law in various countries and regions around the world. We will continue to work to ensure access and innovate in the payment ecosystem. “

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“We are pleased with the US license, which is a true testament to our commitment to enable digital activism across the country. Our primary objective is to locate key areas such as LATAM, Asia, Europe and Africa. Said Philip Daniel, regional director of Terrape – Americas.

Information about TerraPay

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Terrape believes the smallest fare deserves unlimited travel. The company has always created an ever-expanding toll highway that enables businesses to create a transparent customer experience, providing a seamless, secure and real-time global route for every toll, no matter how small or large. Regulated and regulated in over 25 global markets, Terrabe is a leading global partner for banks, mobile wallets, remittance service providers, merchants and financial institutions, and creates a broad and inclusive international financial environment. With access to global tariff infrastructure, TerraPay partners are becoming symbols of the promise of global financial integration.

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